Hello, Peeps!

I’m sorry that it’s been so long since I’ve posted a blog.  Much has happened to me in the journey of life since I last posted a blog!!

On February 18th I had “my wings clipped,” if you know what I mean.  I trotted into Mountain Empire Animal Hospital just as happy as a little lark at 8:15 a.m.  However, when Laura came to pick me up late in the afternoon, my demeanor was much different.  You will see the difference in the photo posted.

Then I developed gastrointestinal issues which escalated as the days went by.  I returned to Mountain Empire for two days where they ran a complete blood panel, took x-rays to see if I had a blockage, and had several barium enemas.  The surgeon looked at my x-rays and gave me a complete workup too.  It was determined that I had inflamed intestines.  They said that when a dog is hyper like me that sometimes their system over stresses from surgery or anesthesia and that’s what happened to me.  I went home with  two prescriptions to help my issue and to calm my stomach and a case of prescriptive canned dog food.  Thank goodness, when I finished my medicines, I was back to normal and happy to be normal again.

When Laura came to pick me up and take me home, she had my car door opened and was leaning up against the car.  She was parked in the parking space next to the front door.  When the technician and I stepped onto the parking lot and I saw the car door open; I literally leaped up and projected myself through the air for a couple of feet and landed in my seat.  Everyone just stood there with their mouths open saying, “how in the world did he do that?”  I would have been a good candidate for World’s Funniest Videos.  I was just so happy to be going home that I guess my Superman abilities kicked in.  It was a sight to see!!!

I will be going to boarding school soon to learn the fine tuning behavior of “no bark,” “no jump,” being quiet when wheels are around, etc. When I finish, I will be certified as a true therapy dog and will be ready to visit people in the hospitals and nursing homes when we are allowed to return.  I’ll be writing about that adventure too.

Until then, take care and happy trails!




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