Hello, All!  It’s too late to say Happy New Year, so I will tell you that my prayer for you is to have a healthy, safe, and prosperous 2021!  We have all been through a lot this past year, and let’s pray that this year will be better.

With the new year, I wanted to give you an update on me as of January 21, 2021.  When Renee and Laura picked me up at Pigeon Forge Doodles in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, I weighed 6 pounds.  I looked like a pound puppy you would see in the movies! The picture on the left is me at one month. Now I am 7 months old, and I weigh 30 pounds! Can you believe that?  I am getting so big!  Laurie Johnston who is helping train me said the first 5 months I would grow long ways and then start to fill out.  She was exactly right!  Laurie really knows a lot about dogs.

Dr. Ron Scott at Mountain Empire Animal Hospital told Laura that I am a beautiful golden doodle and that he is glad that I’m settling down and behaving a little better.  He and Laura went to University School from the first grade to twelfth grade together, and Richard Tetrick went to high school (University High) with them.  So, Dr. Scott can tell Laura what he really thinks.  Thankfully, he likes me, and I really do like to visit him to have my check-ups and shots.  Everyone there is very nice to the cats and dogs, and you can tell that they are animal lovers.

Cassie Blankenship gave me a luxurious grooming last week, and I even went back to see her this week to practice having my claws filed with the Dremel file.  I don’t like it and behave badly when she turns it on.  You can see me with my new “doo” in the picture on the right.

My home base is Tetrick Funeral Services because that’s where Laura works, but if you ever want me to come to Appalachian Funeral  Home & Cremation Services, you can let David Mathes or Kristin Stevens know, and they will have me here to meet you.  I love people and want to help them feel better during a difficult time in their lives.  I’ve met with many families, and children love to play with me and see the tricks I do for treats (Laura provides them).  You could say that I’m a big ham!

I wanted to update you on how big I have gotten.  I also want you to know that I love meeting with families and helping them to feel better on a sad day.

Have a safe, warm and wonderful January!

Type to you soon with paws of love!


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Laura Graham

Laura Graham

Founded by Maynard S. Cannon and later led by the Bowman family, Appalachian Funeral Home has been a cornerstone of compassionate funeral services in Johnson City, Tennessee, since 1921. From humble beginnings on N. Roan St. to our present location on E. Unaka Ave., we've served our community with dignity and care for over a century. With a modern chapel built in 1956 and a legacy spanning four generations, we continue to honor the memories of loved ones with respect and professionalism.

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