As Christmas draws near and 2021 approaches, I want to wish each and every one a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I have met so many wonderful humans in the past six months. I hope that I can bring comfort to others who will need a little special touch in the coming year.  It has astounded all of us in how many people have asked to come and meet me, petted and loved me.  I am very humbled by the affection that has  been given to me wherever I have gone.

This past week has been different for me.  I have suffered a little anxiety separation because I am only 6 months old.  Laura had cataract surgery last week and couldn’t take care of me but Jason Bruner and Elizabeth Tetrick stepped right in and took me in and gave me wonderful times.  When Elizabeth brought me to the funeral home today, as soon as I walked in there was a family who needed me.   I was so excited to meet them.  This is what I am supposed to do!!

Laura is posting a photo of me in my new red Artic Explorer coat.  She got it for me for Christmas so that I would stay warm on our cold walks this winter.  The other is a photo that Elizabeth took of me in front of their Christmas tree.  You can tell from it how much I have grown!

From my house to yours, have a wonderful Christmas as we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!  Merry Christmas, y’all!