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Posted on August 12, 2020 by Laura Graham under Richie Doodle
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Welcome to Johnson City and to Tetrick Funeral Services, Appalachian Funeral Home & Cremation Services, and Woodall-Anderson & Dugger Funeral Home & Cremation Services Little Richie Doodle.  We are so glad that you are here!

On Tuesday, August 4, 2020, Renee Lockhart, President of Heritage Operating LLC and Laura Graham, Community Relations/Outreach at

Meet Richie!

Tetrick Funeral Services made the drive to Pigeon Forge Golden Doodles in Pigeon Forge, TN to pick Little Richie Doodle up from Angela Alderman his breeder.  Oh, how Renee and Laura have impatiently waited for the day for Richie to be 8 weeks old so they could bring him to his new home!

Once a week from the time he was a month old, Angela would send a video out to each new owner showing the progress of the little pups.  When the day came to pick your pup, Laura had second pick of a male puppy and she was so in hopes that the person ahead of her would not pick the precious pup in the black collar for she had been watching his progress weekly and had her heart set on him.  Thanks be unto God, for the other person picked another puppy to go to have a wonderful life at their home.

Now we had to wait another two weeks for Richie to have his wellness check, get puppy shots, and grow a little bit more before he could be released to people.  People who already were madly in love with him and could hardly wait to get their hands on him!

Richie is going to live with Laura and go to work with her on a daily basis so he will be available to be a comfort and help to people who want a touch from a loving and caring dog.  Before starting their training, he has already been requested by several families and he has happily gone down the hall to meet someone new to give comfort.  Renee is his godmother and will be Laura’s backup when she is on vacation or needs help with him.  Of course, he already has a list of people who have requested to be on standby in case extra help need to be brought in for his care.

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