Richie Meets Cassie the Dog Groomer

Posted on September 11, 2020 by Laura Graham under Richie Doodle
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Hello, everyone!  Time is flying by!

Last week I told you that I’m going to the groomer and I would tell you about my experience.  Oh, it was hard for a puppy!  My groomer’s name is Cassie and she is wonderful.  You can see my picture with her  after she finished.  I loved her but hated the scissors, clippers, hair dryer and everything else associated with becoming handsome!!!! Afterwards I felt so much better too to be able to get rid of that long, heavy coat of fur.  Saturday I go back for 30 minutes to “get acquainted” with the grooming instruments.  Oh, boy!  Do I not look forward to that.  If you want details about Cassie, email Laura at [email protected] and she will fill you in.

 Last night we left Tetrick Funeral Services about 8:15 p.m. after GriefShare.   I went out the  door and saw a lady with a HUGE dog and another lady with her white, fluffy, dog.   I ran to the lady with the big dog and she called to Laura and asked if I was Little Richie.  When she found out I was, she said, “Mama, this is Little Richie!  Come and meet him!”  I was lying on my back with my paws up in the air getting a belly rub by then.  They think I’m a star because they had seen my picture in the News & Neighbor and on a billboard.

I was with a family today.  They  held me and petted me and took pictures of us together and they asked if they could be with me tomorrow.  After that I was with another family who loves dogs.  They heard about me and wanted me to sit in with them.  I love my “job” and am even called a Funeral Assistant.  That’s a very prestigious title for a pup like me.

I will have new adventures to tell you about next week so until then … “happy trails to you ’til we meet again.”

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