Richie Goes on Vacation

Posted on October 13, 2020 by Laura Graham under Richie Doodle
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It’s been several weeks since I blogged because Laura has been gone on vacation and I got to stay with my godmother, Renee Lockhart.  I had so much fun at her house!  She spoiled me and didn’t make me do anything I didn’t want to do.  The first walk we took in the park close to her house; everyone who saw me wanted to pet me so it took twice as long as usual to complete the walk.  IT WAS FUN BECAUSE I AM A LITTLE HAM WHO LOVES ATTENTION!  I met Renee’s twenty year old cat and we tolerated each other that week.  Other than the cat, it was like I was on vacation too.

Renee took time from her very busy work schedule and came to my training class with Laurie Johnston.  Laurie oversees the kennels at Mountain Empire Animal Clinic and she is a superb trainer.  Laurie gets me and knows how to get the best from me.  You can see us together in the photo of us at the end of the training session.


Richie & Laurie Johnston

Last Friday, October 9th, I had an appointment with Dr. Ron Scott, for the last of my puppy vaccinations and rabies and Laurie came in to see me.  I got so excited and she had me show Dr. Scott how I could do some tricks.  He thinks I’m very smart too.

I’ve been playing with my new friend Cash Ming Doodle aka Cash.  Cash is a micro doodle and lives up the hill in the apartments.  Kaley, Cash’s human Mom, dates Laura’s grandson Jack and Kaley told Laura about Pigeon Forge Golden Doodles.  We played and played twice this past weekend and had so much fun.  We just ran and rolled on each other and barked and chased.  I hope to see him again soon.

One more very exciting adventure this weekend was my first trip to Pet Smart.  Goodness!  It was like nothing I’ve ever seen.  Dogs and people were everywhere – even a blood hound who you could hear all over the store.  I was better behaved and everyone who saw me oohed and aahed over me and I received a lot of pets and compliments.

At the end of the month I’ve got some work things lined up in going out into the community with Laura

So I will tell you about them as they happen.

Have a good week everyone.  Type to you soon.

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